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Delta Animal Crackers

Our Philosophy

At Animal Crackers, all of our programs are designed with the best interests of your children in mind. From our daycare, preschool or before & after school care, we strive to provide a fun filled educational and supportive experience for each child. It is our goal to provide safe, nurturing, programs in which children can explore, create and learn. As each child is unique, we focus on promoting each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. By offering experiences and opportunities to learn through play, examples of others and interacting with their teachers and peers, the children grow and develop into becoming active, responsible and independent individuals.We are a multicultural and inclusive center that facilitates strong relationships between our center and the families in our community. We have an open door policy and appreciate any communication with our families.

For those families needing financial assistance, we can provide information regarding childcare subsidy.   Applications can be accessed here